defined as Entities w/central ownership, based on a Hybrid peer-to-peer and without organizational charts and/or employees

The formulation of entities are structured on a Hybrid peer-to-peer (i.e.; Groups, Companies, Workforce, Services) with professional engagement on the development/execution of “Complex Bundles, (CB)”, and packaged as Commodities of Intellectual Properties, Products, and Services. The entities are designed to singularly and collectively interact with a (CB) on shared ledgers, consolidated orders, and execution on all professional skill sets need to execute through to delivery.

“Modeled on creating Multi-Millionaires and Individual Wealth — As Internet-of-Things (IoT) is to the $15/hour on-demand jobs”

Small to Midsize Companies

Growth model in leveraging 21st century marketplace economics and commerce — from the point of entry companies are provided an initial valuation based on holdings of Intellectual Properties, Products and Services. Listed on exchange and traded on market specific platforms.

Minimizing Redundancies

Disrupting the “Corporate Model” by creating non-vertical organizations, based on “Commodities” brokers by Groups (Executive Owned), design and manufacturing on products and services by Companies (Talent Owned), and deployment of highly learned Professionals (Workforce) with valuations specific to each individual.


Pricing equilibrium’s for any size company on costs related to materials/manufacturing/services. Methods are implemented across marketplaces and defined as purchases on consolidated orders, listing & trading on tangible assets, competitive pricing on 3rd party vendors.

Shift to 21st Century

Countering the devaluation effects from other models (ie: Internet-of-Things) in their cherry picking of price-points on products/services, as well as, to align structurally with other forms of decentralization (ie: Blockchain) in business models, processes and technologies.